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Nijisuke’s animal paintings

Following on from the last column about goldfish I found at the Handmade Japan Festival (HMJ), I’m going to talk about another artist story.

At HMJ, there were various artists exhibiting accessories and illustrations, pottery and more. Amongst them, I found a booth where so many people were queuing and shopping. It was the Nijisuke’ s booth which I will feature here.

Nijisuke mainly creates animal paintings with acrylic. His original series of paintings are so unique that we have to redefine the concept of ‘animal painting’! Although their vivid hues differ from real thing, his animals somehow seem real. If we gazed at them, our hearts start pounding, they have a calm but none the less powerful impact.

In his booth, there were reproductions of paintings in colorful frames.


There were various types of smart phone cases which I couldn’t help but shop in bulk.

One customer left and another one came. Nijisuke was continuously kept busy.


As you see in the photos, Nijisuke also produces various products which duplicate the impact of the original paintings. Did you know, Nigisuke’s fabrics are produced by us: kokka-fabric are in charge of making his fabrics! The chimpanzee model, which many visitors at his booth were impressed by, has been converted into a fabric. You can see all fabrics on our textile story page.

For further information about Nigisuke’s creations, please go to his site: