Kid’s blouse with 20W gauze

Size: 36cm(W), 46.5cm(L)

Here is a kid’s blouse with a soft texture double gauze. To match with the feature of the airy fabric, the blouse has been tailored with full gathered cuffs and waistline. With such a lovely bouquet print, it can be one of your kid’s best choices for special occasions.

For a beautiful finish of the cuff and the waistline, try to make gathering evenly from the centerline toward both ends.

Design & creation:Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:
20W gauze P23700-701 (A)

□Double gauze: 108cm(W) x 110cm(L)
□Interfusing: 90cm(W) x 15cm(L)
□1 Button of 1.3cm diameter


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)