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Summer dress ~ enjoy your own way


Watching people walking by, it seems more ladies are choosing dresses to wear during the summer. Some are in cashe-coeur style dresses with plunging necklines, and the other is in a lovely ribbon waist style. In summer, you may coordinate a straw bag or a pair of sandals with your clothes. While you complain about the humid and hot summer, the dresses give you more options to enjoy dressing up.

The illustrator Miki Ono loves solid white dresses. Because dresses can be more utilized during the summer, her wardrobe is lined with the “apparently-same but not-same” white dresses.

Among her “subtly different” dresses, the most conspicuous one is what you see here in the picture. “To be honest with you, I made it with a bed sheet. Since the white dress itself was so boring, I added illustrations around the hem!”

The red, pink and yellow flowers are happily “dancing” in the white field as if they were about to chat.

With a little time and effort, you can create your own original items. Sampling Ono’s dress, should I try sewing clothes with a previously used bed sheet? By adding illustration as she did, stains on the sheet can be hidden, I guess!!

What do you think of such an idea for making the unique dress as your kids’ free homework project this summer?

You can see the website of Miki Ono at