Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty fabric for grown-up women is here!

Besides Japan, Hello Kitty popularity is spreading all over the world. With this trend, grown-up Kitty fans are increasing. This series of fabric is created for female grown-ups to enjoy Kitty. The motifs incorporated European art and the color combination appeals to non-Japanese tastes. The theme of this fabric is “Kitty fabric for female grown-ups”, and it is perfect for making interior décor goods and bags. Of course, the pop and cute element of this fabric are well suited for a new school year items.

kitty_2013 _236px

Kitty skull design cotton broadcloth  G50182-1 Cotton broadcloth , GQ50182-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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A skull, a popular motif overseas, is used for the design of this fabric. A vivid pink color acts as its accent.

Kitty floral bouquet design cotton broadcloth  G50183-1 Cotton broadcloth  GQ50183-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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A large Kitty motif creates a design with a strong impact. The characteristic of this fabric is its bias-lined kitty motifs.

Kitty box design cotton broadcloth G50184-1 Cotton broadcloth GQ50184-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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Without using Kitty’s entire face, this design created a mature feel by placing bows and part of Kitty’s face.

Kitty tiny flower design cotton broadcloth G50185-1 Cotton broadcloth GQ50185-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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Unusual for this series, the design depicts a soft and tiny touch. The motifs are delicate and remind you of hand painting.

Kitty and Pushpin Collaboration – Kids of the world cotton broadcloth  G50186 Cotton broadcloth   GQ50186-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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A Japanese planning company, Pushpin, created this series of original design. The children of the world was chosen as a theme in the hope for this fabric to be loved all over the world.

Kitty and Pushpin collaboration – Mouse design cotton broadcloth  G50187-1 Cotton broadcloth GQ50187-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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Another original design by the Pushpin, this fabric’s accents are girly lace motif and the use of various Scandinavian motifs.