Wannabe Mickey and Minnie Print Fabric

You can become a popular character!

Of all the famous characters, Disney character’s popularity is the best by far. Recently, Disney products with an unconventional use of motif or color are catching on popularity. This “you can be a character” print fabric was designed to respond to the need for a playful fabric that can be used to make items for a new school year, or to transform you into a famous character such as Mickey or Minnie. A large pattern border is repeated at 60cm, which is the size just perfect for making a lesson bag or a smock.

Wannabe Mickey Border  G7009 Oxford (Ox)  GQ7009 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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Mickey’s iconic pants, shoes and hands are used as design motifs. The three-circle Mickey pattern is placed in-between as a design accent.

Wannabe Mickey Border  G7033 Oxford (Ox)  GQ7033 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

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This fabric’s motifs are Minnie’s iconic shoes, bows and hands. The design accent is Minnie’s dots arranged around the skirt.