Versatile Geometric Designs

Here is the fabric collection by Ellen Luckett Baker in Atlanta, who is the fabric designer, author of the blog The Long Thread, and has written several sewing books. Baker says, “The Stamped collection was inspired by my love of simple, block-printed fabric. Although I use a digital process, I wanted to echo the feel of handmade designs.” The secret of its popularity lies in its simple but versatile design for any sewing creation. Baker continues “I hope that quilters will begin using linen blend fabrics in their projects more often. The weight of this fabric is perfect for apparel, bags, and quilts.” Following is the each story of Stamped collection, quoting Baker’s own words.

scallops JG41500-500


  • stamped_sc2
  • stamped_sc3
  • stamped_sc4

This geometric designed fabric is “perhaps the most useful of the collection, blending well with all the other designs for use as trim, quilt binding, or lining fabric. It also stands well on its own.”

triangles JG41500-501


  • stamped_tr2
  • stamped_tr4
  • stamped_tr4

Another geometric design. “It’s a great accent fabric, makes a nice addition to quilting projects and also works well for pouches and bags.”

circle flower JG41500-502


  • stamped_cf2
  • stamped_cf3
  • stamped_cf4

The abstract floral design with simple and graphic shapes is “perfect for little girl’s dresses, handbags, or home décor projects.”

cheater JG41500-503


  • stamped_ch2
  • stamped_ch3
  • stamped_ch4

This features “different patterns within blocks, allowing you to easily make a quick whole-cloth quilt with a patchwork feel or cup up the pieces.” Due to its large pattern, this fabric’s home décor items can be an accent in a room. It is also good for an overnight bag.

Ladybug JG41500-504


  • stamped_lb2
  • stamped_lb3
  • stamped_lb4

This “whimsical” designed fabric is with abstracted ladybugs’ patterns. “It works well for children’s clothing, bags, bedspreads, or curtains.”

ginkgo leaves JG41500-505


  • stamped_gl2
  • stamped_gl3
  • stamped_gl4

This print features ginkgo leaves running across the width. Among the geometric designed collection, an element of nature is added here. “It works well for curtains, pillows and other home décor projects.”