Inspiration 25
Halloween dollhouse miniatures


Halloween is coming soon! Many shop windows are decked out for Halloween. Stores are decorated in black and orange, and seasonal packaged candies have appeared on shelves. Turning my eyes to a Jack-o’-Lantern displayed here, he looks back at me with an evil smirk.

Halloween is an event as big as Christmas for crafters. The above picture shows the dollhouse titled “Halloween Witch”, created by the dollhouse artist Teruyo Niwa.

With the hope that her dollhouse miniatures kit will make it easier and more enjoyable for people to create a dollhouse, Niwa has designed kits for each season and presented workshops with the kits.

Niwa describes the ‘Halloween Witch’: “I visualized a room of a girl who is waiting to dress as a witch for Halloween. The items here are what the girl would enjoy, such as a cutie-witch costume, accessories, and Halloween treats.”

The outfit of a striped jacket and a pair of polka-dotted pants are designed and made by Niwa herself. The orange clothes with black stitches give it snap. “Dressmaking was my hobby when I was single. I learned sewing by watching my mother who always made my dresses. I have made most of my own clothes since my junior high school years, even my clothes while working for a company after college. The experience obviously has been helpful for making dollhouses. I use a glue, not a sewing machine though.” Niwa says with a laugh.

How about having a mini-Halloween party with various miniature costumes you make at random? Little trick-or-treaters would be so excited to get such a small costume stuffed full of candies.

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