Puchi Puri (Petit Print)

A tiny print series perfect for small item projects

The best fabric for making small items is a tiny print – perhaps many crafters agree.
Fabrics with easy to match, tiny designs in succession are useful for sewing beginners. In the Puchi Pri (Petit Print) series, the colors are chosen to be plain and monochromatic, making it simple to combine colors. The charm of this broadcloth fabric is its easy to sew texture. It is a perfect fabric for making a portable sub-bag for small accessories like a wallet and cell phone as well as for an easy fold reusable bag.

Chibizou (Little Elephant)    P33800-800 Broadcloth
kokka-fabric.com P33800-800_1kokka-fabric.com p33800-800_2

A popular elephant motif in a tiny design is here! Isn’t this design fun with smiley elephants looking at each other on a tree trunk? A cutout of this fabric makes a tag with a nice accent.

Chibi Garden (Tiny Garden)  P33800-801 Broadcloth kokka-fabric.com P33800-801_1kokka-fabric.com P33800-801_2

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  • kokka-fabric.com P33800-801_4
  • kokka-fabric.com P33800-801_5

Petite size tulips line up like a paper cutout. A small case made with this fabric could have a solid shape with fusible interfacing on the back. Subtle and simple color tones are perfectly suited for small items as well as for a lovely kid’s dress.

Puchi Wood (Petit Wood)  P33800-802 Broadcloth kokka-fabric.com P33800-802_1kokka-fabric.com P33800-802_2

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The designs of animals and plants living in the woods cover the entire fabric. White outlined motifs in a monochromatic colored background are the design accent. Combining it with a linen fabric will create a stylish Scandinavian look. A placemat with an accent border in this fabric will be pretty.