echino Knit Jacquard

echino design expressed in the form of a soft knit

A very first echino’s knit jacquard fabric is here. Taking softness and stretch into consideration, the design is kept simple yet very echino-like with a combination of colors. You can enjoy a variety of projects like small fashion goods, bags, and interior décor items with this new and versatile material.

panther JG96200-200 Knit jacquard JG96200-200_2

Among echino’s fabric series, the long-running popular fabric panther now comes in a knit jacquard. The dot pattern is accented with panthers. From small items to bags and clothing, this fabric is perfect for any project.

block JG96201-201 Knit jacquard JG96201-201_2

simple long-length skirt. An infinity scarf that goes around the neck is another item that you can enjoy from this interesting design with geometric motifs and colors. The series’ blue and yellow combinations will be suitable for items with a unisex feel.

mosaic JG96202-202 Knit jacquard JG96202-202_2

The shades of birds appear on a bed of mosaics in echino color. The small-sized design makes it easier to use any part of the fabric, perfect for creating small items or a knit cap. The soft texture can also turn a casual dress into a stylish one.