echino 2016 Knit

The world of echino is now expressed in knit fabric

The popular designs from the echino 2016 collection are now in knit fabric.
It has a different texture and touch compared to echino’s regular cotton linen.
The softness of a knit fabric will make you want to create something new.

sambar JG96600-600 30/10 Fleecy Knit Cotton 100% echino_JG96600-600_2

sambar, a very popular design among echino now comes in a knit. Even in this material, the cuteness carries on.
Whether it’s a somber grey or ivory, the dot and iconic deer create an accent, making this fabric versatile. From small goods to a T-shirt style oversized knit shirt, the items made with this fabric will look very stylish.

zon JG96600-601 30/10 Fleecy Knit Cotton 100% echino_JG96600-601_2

zon features a fun design of animals and geometric patterns. If you want to challenge yourself, making a hoodie might be interesting. This fabric will also make great easy-to-sew throw pillow cases and throws for a couch.

joy JG96600-602 30/10 Fleecy Knit Cotton 100% echino_JG96600-602_2

Birds flying in a sea of blooming flowers make up the design of the joy. The layout of the design combined with its cuteness make this fabric very versatile, allowing it to be used for small goods to home décor items.