Perfect for making items for a new school year

Trefle is a series of fabrics that feature boys’ favorite items like vehicles and the girls’ favorite items like cosmetic goods and sweets as design motifs. Developed with the idea that this fabric is for making items for a new school year, it is perfect for creating such bags as a lesson bag and a bag for shoes as well as for clothing like a smock.

Colorful Traffic  P33600-600 Oxford (Ox) P33600-600_2

It is a colorful fabric with a pop design. In addition to the automobile, it is fully packed with boys’ favorite motifs like airplanes, trains and rockets. As the size of the motifs are smaller, you can use this fabric not only for a lesson bag but also for small items like a bag for a cup.

retro styled vehicle P33600-601 Oxford (Ox) P33600-601_2

This fabric has designs of hand-drawn vehicles with a slightly nostalgic touch. It would possibly be nice to be chosen by moms who are not too excited about using fabrics that are too colorful and cute. Since this fabric does not look too childish, why not make an item for an adult like a matching bag?

vehicle print P34100-100 Oxford (Ox) P34100-100_2

All-terrain vehicles and buses… a variety of cars are sprinkled like a patchwork on this fun print. Depending on the color combination, it can look fresh or retro.

cosme print P34100-101 Oxford (Ox) P34100-101_2

Fashion items like cosmetic compacts and perfume bottles are placed as design motifs in a patchwork style. Utilizing the fabric’s design, you can create a lesson bag. With a cutout of your favorite motif, an applique on a denim or canvas bag will also look stylish.

stationery print P34200-200 Broadcloth P34200-200_2

This print features all kinds of stationery as design motifs. Depending on the color combination, this could be used for both boys and girls. The design accent is English letters written in a hand drawn touch.

sweets print P34200-201 Broadcloth P34200-201_2

Lollipops, cupcakes and donuts…delicious sweets that make your heart skip are all gathered here! Pastel tones and polka dots definitely add cuteness.