A toy chest

A fabric filled with cute things, just like a toy chest

The first fabric we are introducing in 2014 is “A toy chest”. As its name depicts, the design represents cute and fun things like a box of toys. An illustrator, Eri Tasaka, created a collection of exciting motifs such as music and travel, adding a lovely touch to the design. Animals and vehicles are drawn with a touch of crayon strokes. With such cuteness, this fabric is perfect for making items for a new school year or matching bags for mom and child. A large size design motif will create a beautiful framed artwork for a child’s room.

Travel print  JG-36500-500 Oxford (Ox)

  • 500_2
  • 500_4
  • 500_3

Fun road trip scenes with your dog, loaded with lots of luggage are portrayed. As the design covers the entire fabric, it is perfect for making a bag. The use of green and blue may be suitable for boys’ new school year items such as school bags and shoe bags.

Townscape  JG-36500-501 Oxford (Ox)

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  • 501_2

The views you see on your road trip around town spread all over this fabric. A colorful collection of houses and stores line up along a big circle that reminds you of globe. Using this townscape design, you can create a bag with a striking impact. With this design, you will be able to easily tell “my lesson bag” apart from everybody else’s.

Music scores  JG-36500-502 Oxford (Ox)

  • 502_2
  • 502_3
  • 502_4

The children and animals are playing musical instruments and marching along the music score. The border design would make a nice Melodica (keyboard harmonica) case or a pen case.

Concert   JG-36500-503 Oxford (Ox)

  • 503_2
  • 503_3
  • 503_4

A concert in the forest is the imagery of this fabric. The design looks as if a music score is enlarged. The point of this design is a jolly-looking scene surrounded with busy trees and large mushrooms. This fabric is perfect for making work-time daily wear such as a smock with the main border design or an apron for mom’s helpers.