A gym class or a music class?

The fun school life of animals is turned into a fabric! The name of the series, “PUTITE ECOLE” means a tiny school. As the name depicts, a variety of scenes happening in animal school are featured. Look, animals like a slightly tall bear and giraffe, a small mouse and rabbit are all enjoying life in school in their own way.

Exercise H10600-600 Cotton Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com H10600-600_1kokka-fabric.com H10600-600_2

It’s time for the gym class for the animals. They are lined up to practice the radio exercise, a popular Japanese exercise routine. Aren’t they cute?

Bus  H10600-601 Cotton Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com H10600-601_1kokka-fabric.com H10600-601_2

Happy and friendly animals are going to school on a school bus. Waiting for the bus, you notice the ones coming late and rushing to catch the bus! The cotton linen canvas is sturdy and is suited for an item like a shoe case.

School  H10600-602 Broadcloth
kokka-fabric.com H10700-700_1kokka-fabric.com H10700-700_2kokka-fabric.com H10700-700_3

Next class is music! You see animals carrying various instruments in their hands. A mini concert by the students of this tiny school is about to begin in front of the schoolhouse.
The border of this fabric is perfect to be featured as a main part of a lesson bag. A smock in this design will also look cute.