Scandinavian Diary

Wondrous Stories Born from One’s Imagination

Scandinavian Diary is a textile by Danish designer Lisa Grue, who is active in illustration and graphic work for fashion magazines and fashion brands. Grue says, “Since I was a child I have always been captured by getting magic into my everyday life. To make my life full of colors, joy, music, flowers, laugh etc. I love making dinner parties with themes, to set the table with flowers from my city garden, old Scandinavian porcelain, beautiful tablecloths etc. Making movie nights with my girlfriends seeing romantic films and eating luxury chocolate and cupcakes and drinking tea in English teacups. Picking eatable thing in the forest and making jam, fruit juices and mushroom risotto. Like really trying to make my days enchanting and worth remembering. The “Scandinavian Diary” are different motifs that pops up in my head, and reminds me of getting the magic in my life. “

Fox JG50300-300 Cotton Linen Canvas

“This is a motif that came to me once I walked in the Scandinavian forest. Actually in Sweden. The forests in Sweden can be full of mystery I think. Like a fairytale with animals that speaks. Animals that are friendly and wants to help you. This is how it popped up in my head.” (by Lisa Grue)

Owls JG50300-301 Cotton Linen Canvas

“I find owls very magical. And these owls are full of stories they have seen in the forest in Scandinavia. What they tell is up to the viewer, and that is the enchanting thing about illustrations. We all make our different stories in our heads. These owls says things to me like: “There is Magic on the Moon” “Take care little Sister” “Be Wise” “We are the new Superheroes.” (by Lisa Grue)

Babushka JG50300-302 Cotton Linen Canvas JG50300-302_2

“When I was a little girl I had a Babushka. And I was really excited about that inside the big babushka there is a smaller babushka and inside that babushka there is a even smaller Babushka and so on. It like inside every story there is another story, and another story and so on. If you bring the same wisdom into life, then there is always something new to explore.” (by Lisa Grue)