Numbers are a universal motif!

Numbers are a common language wherever you go. This universal motif is enlarged and turned into a simple textile. A solid #10 canvas fabric is perfect for an everyday item like a bag. A hanging charm using a cutout of the same fabric will make the bag original. A café apron with the border design will also look stylish. A bicolor scheme can create a fun color combination.

Calendar P29500-500 #10 Canvas P29500_500_1 P29500_500_2

What is a collection of numbers that is so universal? – That would be a calendar. This thicker fabric is perfect for a large-sized bag. Of course a simple cutout as a fabric board calendar adds a nice accent to your room as an interior décor item.

Tape measure P30300ー301 #10 Canvas P29500_501_2

The design inspiration of this fabric comes from a tape measure, yet in a very large scale. Ten equally placed numbers compose the border design on both sides. A throw pillow using the border accent will be a very stylish piece.