Trefle Kids

A summer standard! – Double Gauze Print Series

Lovely animal prints are here! They are perfect for small goods as well as for children’s clothing. The lined-up charming looking animal design is also suitable for a face mask.

Neko Tokidoki Lion (Cat and Sporadic Lions) P41200-200 Double Gauze Cotton 100% P41200-200_2

Though the design appears to only feature lined cats, you will notice lions appearing here and there. Sporadically shown lions look really unique. This fabric will be perfect for a little boy’s shirt.

Odekake Panda (Panda’s Outing) P41200-201 Double Gauze Cotton 100% P41200-201_2

Among all the pandas, some appear to be more stylish with a ribbon or in a skirt. The red bow and polka dot skirt make them look even cuter!