Enjoying the texture of a hand drawn touch

“A fabric that decorates everyday living like a landscape painting” is the concept behind the birth of the KESHIKI series. The usual sceneries like sky, mountain and cityscape are freely and spontaneously composed in line drawings to create the patterns.

weekend city JG30000-1 30 Viyella Cotton 100% JG30000-1_2

The neon lights looking sharp at night and the lively townscape on the weekend are the design inspirations. By printing the patterns against the dark background, variety of textures stand out and look brilliantly in a hand-drawn manner. The bold pattern is perfect for bags as well as for a primary piece like a skirt or a one-piece dress.

yama to sora JG30001-1 Light Pripela Cotton 85% Linen 15% JG30001-1_3

Great reaches of mountains combined with a cloudless clear sky over the peaks is one of the favorite sceneries that can be enjoyed from the designer’s house. A bold stripe maximized by a rhythmical touches of crayon drawing is versatile and it can be used both horizontally or vertically. This medium-thickness rough cotton linen fabric is perfect for a variety of projects including clothing, bags and interior décor items.

soramoyou JG30001-2 30 Viyella Cotton 100% JG30000-2_2

On a day when a wind of autumn blows through the sky, the clouds freely appear creating a swirl of slight airstream with perfect textures. The design represents such character in the sky.
Above layers and layers of thin lines lie white lines in a rhythmical manner like flowing clouds. This easy-to-handle fabric with delicate patterns is ideal for clothes making.