Furoshiki Tote

Have you ever noticed the “MOST POPULAR POSTS“ ranking shown on the sidebar of this blog?

Ranked as the most visited item, the Furoshiki Tote is a very popular article that stays in the top ranking since its introduction of July 2016.

Designed by the tayutou artist, Ayumi Toda (fabricca uka), this uniquely shaped bag comes in a fantastic combination of solid and patterned fabrics.

Now in its fifth season with a brand-new design, we asked Toda to share her original creation of tayutou.



The combination of new patterns and solids,how stylish!

In addition to its cute shape,the most important element of this bag is the mixture of pattern and solid! Toda came up with a variety of combination ideas.
How lovely to just line up the designs! list

With these ideas, why not try your own creation!
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