Daily lives as motifs

Ayumi Toda (aka fabrica uka) engages herself in all aspects of creation from textile design to production. Retaining the world of fabrica uka, tayutou is born as a textile to be enjoyed for home sewing projects.
“There is a variety of ‘things’ and ‘happenings’ in our lives. You may think they exist in a same manner all the time, but they may change and come and go without you knowing like a floating air. tayutou incorporates these everyday ‘things’ and ‘happenings’ as motifs. These motifs then become moyou (patterns) and return back into the daily lives in a variety of forms.” (Ayumi Toda)
Designed by Toda who is also a hand craft artist of small items, the series feature a whole lineup of easy-to-use and stylish small patterned fabrics in six different designs including a matching tone solids. Three selected designs are highlighted here.

rootcrop JG50800-800 Cotton Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com JG50800-800_1kokka-fabric.com JG50800-800_2

Root vegetables, a type of crop that absorbs nutrients from the ground has a unique look in cross section. Sometimes it looks humorous and sometimes it looks full of energy. Looking at the surface makes you feel enriched.
The design represents a fresh yet somewhat gentle feel of root vegetables that are fun to watch and tasty to eat.
An organic line connects the motifs to add a softer design flow. Take advantage of this linear look to create a fluffy skirt or a bag.

hydrangea JG50800-801 Cotton Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com JG50800-801_1kokka-fabric.com JG50800-801_2

While hydrangea is the theme of this design, the petals remind you of old buttons and flat marbles.
The inspiration came from a small tin boxful of old buttons that belonged to my mother’s sewing box.
The colors are combined to make you feel somewhat sentimental.
Pieces with a nostalgic look, like a blouse with retro flair or a coin purse with a clasp opening will be great to make in this fabric.

pendant JG50800-802 Cotton Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com JG50800-802_1kokka-fabric.com JG50800-802_2

The motif for this design is a pendant light in stained glass.
Compared to other designs, the illustration-like touch adds a softer feel.
Though initially thought to be a design that might limit the types of use, it got developed into a versatile fabric that can be applied to various ideas from small goods, fashion items to interior pieces.