tayutou 2

Familiar sceneries as geometric motifs

tayutou is featured again, this time with a focus on two designs and solids. Though both patterned fabrics and solids have unique color tones, they somehow enhance the look of each other. Enjoy finding distinctive looks by pairing these one-of-a kind fabrics!
tayutou now has a website (http://tayutou.tumblr.com/), where you will find various project examples using the series.

fujisan JG50880-804 Cotton Linen Canvas

Popular patterns from fabric uka is now featured in tayutou with special color tones. Well-known Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) is patterned as motifs in a geometric form. While all three colors have unique combination of hues, you can enjoy different color pairings within one project. Depending on how you cut the fabric, it can generate an interesting impression by incorporating horizontal and vertical pattern combinations.

step JG50810-10 Cotton Linen Canvas

These simple lines represent the image of stairs seen from different angles. The placement of the lines creates subtle rhythms and impressions. The pattern is quite interesting – it generates a completely different look depending on the size of the items made. Adding a little satin stitches at the end of the lines could work as an accent.

Solid Colors  JG50810-10 Cotton Linen Canvas

Solid colors pull the overall look together when combined with patterned fabrics. Engaging in craft work projects with fabrica uka inspired the designer to come up with these colors, the colors that make you happy, yet hard to find when you look for one.