echino 2019/07 sheeting collection

Introduced in June, the new echino collection
features 110cm-wide sheeting prints for the first time.


Different from the usual cotton canvas,
this thinner fabric allows you to enjoy
making garments like dresses and skirts.

sprout showcases fox and leopards that are hiding among little buds and plants.
This fabric is perfect for apparel pieces like a dress and blouse
or interior décor items.

sprout, also popular as a canvas fabric,
presents smaller designs in a sheeting material.
It creates just the right see-through feel for a blouse.




A light coat-style dress wraps around you with a breeze in a monochrome tone.
Slightly different impression from echino’s usual look is also stylish.

In the bubble, when you look at it closely,
you will notice little birds poking through the foam
in a sea of frothy bubbles.
It is a great fabric for a coat and long dresses.


With lots of drapes.




Small birds create an accent in the field of small dots.

trail’s simple and lovely border design reminds you
of a winding little path.
It is a versatile fabric perfect for small goods, bags and apparel pieces.


Whether you use it horizontally or vertically as a transition,
the lovely trail is a perfect fit for dressmaking.


This thin sheeting fabric makes a cute and stylish reusable bag.
It is light enough so that it won’t be bulky when carrying it in a purse.


A perfect fabric for the upcoming season,
why not enjoy making clothing with echino’s sheeting collection!

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