Clutch Bag

Size: About 32cm (l) x About 25cm (w)

An ever popular item, a clutch bag in Ellen Baker’s new print, Framework, is featured today. It combines two cotton-linen canvas fabrics, Daisy Chain and Corners. A diagonally cut opening and an addition of the solid fabric of the same color tone on the corner accentuate the geometric patterns.

Design & work Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:
 Framework Corners JG41900-902 (A)
Framework Daisy Chain JG41900-900 (C)

□ Outer Fabric A 40cm (110cm width)
□ Outer Fabric B 40cm (110cm width)
□ Lining Fabric 40cm (110cm width)
□ Fusible Interfacing 40cm (90cm width)
□ Coil Fastener (zipper) 30cm one piece


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)

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