Extra Cute With A Lovely Ribbon♪ - Ring Handle Bag – Sewing Instructions

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This bag has a feminine feel with a ring handle and ribbon as a design accent. The featured fabric is from the “UZU sou” series designed by knit creator, Chihiro Hasunuma. The unique hand-knitted pieces created with a combination of various materials and colors are reproduced on fabric using high-definition real scanning technology through an inkjet printing. Relatively thick oxford fabric is suitable to be enjoyed as a fabric panel or tablecloth as well as a bag.

Design & Work:Satomi Takei

Fabric shown for this sample:EGXA-9000-1A

□ Fabric (Outer Fabric, Opening Fabric): 110cm×50cm
(Lining Fabric (#11 Canvas)):90cm×30cm
□ Ring Handle: One pair (13cm diameter)
□ Rivet: Two pairs (0.6cm diameter)

Size: 27.5cm (l) 30cm (w-bottom) 10cm (d)

We interviewed Satomi about her creation:

Kokka Fabric (KF): What did you think of the fabric you used for this project?
The knitting pattern is very realistic and quite exciting. I think it turns any item, from accessories to clothing, into a stylish piece with an impact. The knit pattern worked well with the ring handle so I wanted to use for this bag.

KF: Can you tell us any special elements or ideas that you incorporated into this creation?
With the ring handle, the opening gets scrunched like a drawstring bag and it creates a characteristic look. I was particular about adding a bow. Using the fabric’s entire width of 110cm allows for a loose looking ribbon.

KF: What are some tips for making this bag?
Ring handles may seem difficult to attach, but once you learn the tricks, it is easy to do. Since the handles are wrapped with the opening fabric, it is better to have at least 8 cm of cloth for an easier sewing on the machine.

KF: How should we incorporate this bag into one’s styling?
This time, I wanted to keep the natural look of the knit on the outer side, so no fusible interfacing is applied, while incorporating the #11 canvas for the lining. Please try your hand at making a ring handle bag with various fabrics.

KF: Thank you very much, Satomi! Here are sewing instructions along with step by step photos from her. Enjoy crafting!



Cut the fabrics.


With the front sides facing each other, sew together the pieces at the bottom. Press the seam open and apply stitches at 5mm from the edge.


Sew both sides, up to where the opening stops at 6cm from the top opening.


Turn it inside out. Align the bottom corner neatly and sew the gusset as shown.


Fold the gusset aside horizontally and stitch the edges. ※If machine sewing is difficult, you can just hand stitch the outer fabric.


Also prepare the lining fabric in the same manner as the outer fabric using steps 1 through 3. The lining fabric has an outer gusset, so make a gusset as shown, cut off 1cm of the tip, and apply zigzag stitches. ※Fold the gusset toward the bottom side and sew it in place to settle the fabric.


With the front sides facing outside, place the lining bag inside the outer bag, and apply stitches around the side opening. As shown in the image, apply stiches in a U-shape at 5mm from the edge, and then stitch as close to the edge as possible for a clean look.


Cut the end of the opening fabric as shown.


Cut the ends of the two opening pieces in the same way and apply zigzag stitches all the way around.


With the front sides facing each other, align the center of the bag body and opening fabric and sew together. Press down the seam toward the opening fabric side and iron.


Place the ring handle on the edge of the body as shown. Fold and wrap it with the opening fabric so that the seam allowance is concealed. Fix the ring handle with a pin only at the beginning of sewing, tilt the ring handle outward, and start stitching as shown. ※Moving the ring handle and the fabric slowly while sewing little by little will result in a clean finish.


The ring handle is attached.


Tie the opening fabric as shown. Please be careful not to tie it too tightly. Loosely tied opening allows you to put things in and out of the bag easily.



◎Sewing Instructions

◎Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)