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A double gauze facial mask


Do you remember one of our previous articles in this column on “cosplay” dresses sewn by Masumi Saito? In the interview about the dresses, Saito recalled that she had been supposed to make a facial mask with the fabric (but then changed her sewing project). But at last, she made the three-dimensional facial masks as her original plan. The masks in the above pictures are amazing, aren’t they?

Nowadays many people in Japan tend to wear facial mask because of public hygiene; it helps to prevent colds and flu from spreading between individuals as well as protect from pollens, dust, and pollutants in the air. “For such an item of daily use, why not put on a lovely one?” That is the reason Saito started to create the three-dimensional facial masks with her favorite double gauze prints. Once she posted the masks on her blog and online store, Saito received numerous positive feedbacks that she had never expected.

Saito says, “As soon as my creations were uploaded on Instagram and Facebook, many inquiries and requests came to me. Listening to them, I conceived an idea to offer for sale with two options to the customers; a finished mask or a custom-made one so each would select print from the in-stock fabrics. As a result, I got numerous orders. Some people bought finished masks. But I actually received way more orders for fabric-selectable ones although I had to check the inventory of available fabrics.”

The cuteness, uniqueness, and practicality – these factors contribute to the high popularity of the facial mask.

“The mask made with four layers of double gauze has firmness and thickness. The three-dimensional shape helps small children breathe more easily.” (by Saito)

Saito always surprises and excites us with her original creations. Everyone wants to know what her next project is.

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