Ellen Baker

Garden Fabric collection.

The Forth artist we feature is Ellen Baker. Last month she participated in the Quilt Market in Huston as a designer for Kokka. Here is a short interview she shares her enthusiasm with her next collection.
Garden-for-KOKKA How did you prepare for the brand-new collection before the show?

Baker: For the recent Quilt Market in Houston, I made samples from my new book 1, 2, 3 Quilt using the Garden fabric collection, including pillows, a tote bag, clothing and home decor items.

Sewing Room 1
Sewing Room 2

KF: Tell me about your new collection . What is the concept? what kind of stuff you recommend to make?

Baker: My Garden collection was inspired by nature of course, but also uses my geometric approach, simplifying the shapes to their basic essence. For instance, with the hydrangea print, I spent time photographing and drawing hydrangea flowers native to my home in Atlanta, then I used the simple shape of each bloom arranged symmetrically to make my design. The colors in the collection are peaceful, but I also mixed in some warm and more vibrant colors to give contrast to the subtle shades. I think this collection can be used for bags, home decor and clothing. But I also hope that people will use this linen blend in patchwork and quilting projects as well.


KF: Tell me about your impression on Quilt Market.

Baker: At Quilt Market, it is always wonderful to talk with shop owners and finally meet people that I have corresponded with online. It’s so exciting to be around people who share my passion for sewing and fabric! This year, I was so excited to finally meet and get to know the amazing team at Kokka.


KF: Anything you want to tell our readers. please.

Baker: I have always been excited to see what Kokka introduces at Quilt Market because I feel that they have a fresh perspective to offer, bringing an artistic sensibility to the fabric world. I am honored to be a designer for Kokka!

KF:Thank you very much for the compliment…! We will feature your new collection here soon.