echino fabric collection 2020

echino’s 2020 new collection is here.

This time, three designs are featured.


lush depicts an image where flowers and plants are lushly growing.
Depending on where you cut it, this fabric creates a variation of looks. An attractive feature that allows you to enjoy different layouts.
Taking advantage of the flowing look of the pattern, you may just hang the fabric as a décor item or use it as wallcovering. Making this textile part of your interior décor is highly recommended.

echino’s distinctive color combination and bold patterns are quite impressive.

The line designs are created in a rhythmic manner, as if the dots are bouncing.
Tiny birds and lines in silver print make an echino-like accent.
The variation of whimsical colors will lift up your spirits.

Silver line creates a delicate and classy image.

Triangular tents are lined to form geometric designs.
Even a simple pattern can look glamorous in a subtle way with pieces of glittering silver and foxes…
Whether it is a small item, a bag or for your interior decor, this versatile fabric can be enjoyed in any way…

Simple designs that allow you to enjoy distinctively echino color combinations.

Bag sewing patterns also come in new designs.

EK-492 NO1

EK-493 NO1

EK-494 NO1

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