echino patterns

echino’s fabric collection series is welcoming a new addition, patterns.

pattern = design, stylization, repeated motifs…

When engaging in textile design and employing one’s creativity, objects and patterns that are observed naturally become stylized and developed into motifs.

A sense of closeness is associated with pattern design, so patterns was born with the concept of creating a series that represent these elements – “simplicity” in design , uniqueness of “repeated motifs” in stylization, and the “color appeal” of echino.

It is a textile that is always there in your everyday life and to be loved for a long time. Enjoy it in a variety of lifestyle settings.


tansan features a design that is simple yet has a relaxed feel in a pleasant two-color combination.
Small white foam is portrayed using a white lacquer print technique.

Cotton linen’s natural textured base is accented with white dots, allowing you to appreciate the unique character of the textile print.

Whether it is a coat, a bag or interior décor items, you will enjoy the versatility of this fabric.


With echino, even the standard design like plaids gets a twist with a whimsical touch.
Swaying vertical lines are expressed with a subtle attention through a use of white lacquer print.
The print technique also allows a simple design in a plain color to be refined with distinctness.
Five color variations including black and blue will let everybody enjoy this fabric.


bun features lovely round motifs.
When two round patterns are together, it even makes it cuter.
Numerous infinite two-color combinations are repeated in attractive color tones.
From vibrant tints to chic hues, exciting color choices await you.
It goes well with a variety of items – small general items as well as bags, and even interior décor items like a throw pillow as an accent.

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