echino fabric Jacquard collection

echino’s new collection is here.
The latest series come from a region called Nishiwaki, an origin of the jacquard production.
echino’s distinctive design is represented with the right amount of translucency.
It is an attractive collection encompassing natural texture created through weaving.

Again, three designs are featured.


The most beloved design among echino’s many fabric collections, sambar, now comes in a jacquard fabric created by the Banshu weaving technique.
While retaining the simple dot and deer characteristic, a quality look as woven fabric and a subtle dimensional feel of the thread turn this into an attractive textile.
Delicately woven using very thin threads, it is silky with a proper level of tension. Items like a coat, shirt and bags will look great in this fabric.
With the woven textile, one interesting thing is that you are tempted to flip it over to show the design in reverse colors.
Other items that will be great in this fabric are interior décor pieces such as curtains and tablecloths.


Meticulously calculated placement of the dyed threads in echino colors produce delicate patterns – a technique of traditional Banshu weaving.
Utilizing this character, the gara is created with fine design details like bird feathers and subtle patterns through vividly colored dyed threads.
The somewhat calm nature of the woven material is enriched in echino-like colors and design for you to enjoy in a variety of ways.
A simple maxi skirt, plain one-piece stole, and infinity scarf coordinated with smooth texture knitwear will please you in various seasons.


stone design features rolling stones that depicts polka dots.
Three color tones of pink, blue and yellow each creates a chic beauty that is unique to a woven fabric.
Thread dyed material does not fade easily, allowing you to enjoy the natural texture and softness for a long time.
The silky surface with smoothness brings a perfect comfort for a piece of clothing like a blouse.
The layer of threads give depth to this woven fabric. As an accent, you may add a leather piece to create a bag or small items for a slightly upscale feel.

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