Tiered Dress – Sewing Instructions

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This is a light, tiered dress that is perfect to enjoy in the coming season. The three-tiered skirt with a reduced amount of gathers is not too cute and is well suited for grown women who are young at heart. The fabric used is from the “Flownny” series. It is a lawn fabric that is easy to use for making clothing. There are many color combinations of the same pattern, so you can find fun in mixing a pattern with another pattern.

Design & Work:Yoko Kato

Fabric shown for this sample:(Body, Facing, Middle Skirt, Strap)NFA-1010-12A (Top Skirt, Bottom Skirt) NFA-1010-12D

□ Fabric (Body, Facing, Middle Skirt, Strap): 110cm wide x 1.7m
(Top Skirt, Bottom Skirt): 110cm wide x 1.7m
□ Fusible Interfacing: 40cm x 20cm

Size: Back length 117cm

We interviewed Yoko about her creation:
Kokka Fabric (KF): What did you think of the fabric you used for this project?
The Flownny series has a calm floral motif that brings a nostalgic feel. The colors are gentle, giving the impression that it blends well with the skin. The easy-to-handle lawn material has a well-defined grain. It is very simple to cut and sew, and I think it is a fabric that even beginners find comfortable to handle for tailoring.

KF: Can you tell us any special elements or ideas that you incorporated into this creation?
The tiered dress tends to look girly, so I adjusted the amount of gathers, not too many and not too few. Additionally, the length of each tier is adjusted to balance for creating a tiered line that is suitable for grown women who are young at heart. The slightly longer French sleeves allow you to cover the upper arms that you are conscious of hiding.

KF: What are some tips for making this dress?
Compared to items like pouches and bags, it may be challenging to make clothing using a mixture of large pieces of patterned fabrics. Combining different colors of the same design series should work well. The Flownny series is available in six colors in one pattern, letting you enjoy any combination you like in addition to the 1010-12-A and D mixture shown in the sample.

KF: How should we incorporate this dress into one’s styling?
Lightly tie the side straps at the front or back for a relaxed look. If you cross the strap at the back and tie it at the front, the dress gives a different impression with a puffy look of the top body. With the clean décolleté line, I think wearing a bolero or cardigan over the dress also works well.

KF: Thank you very much, Yoko! Here are sewing instructions. Enjoy crafting!

◎Sewing Instructions

◎Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)