Kokka-san’s rabbit cat dog

Healing and relaxing animals

Many types of Yuruchara* are getting popular all over Japan. Now Kokka has its own lovely Yuruchara, called Kokka-san’s rabbit cat dog! Top-heavy and with short arms and legs, this character has a very loose look. The loving animal motifs give you a chuckle and a sense of healing.
Rumor has it that these animals live freely and easily at Kokka-san’s…. Is it really true? We wonder….

*Yuruchara are anime-style cartoon mascots that represent the various prefectures of Japan. Each yuruchara character can be seen on posters, brochures, and websites that treat visitors to a fun and inviting symbol of the area. (from Japan National Tourism Organization website)

Rabbit Cat Dog (All over patterns)  P33700-700 Double Gauze

  • P33700-700_3
  • P33700-700_4
  • P33700-700_5

This is a soft double gauze fabric with patterns on the entire fabric. The base comes in four different colors – gray, pink, blue and orange. The animals with polka dots, stripes and gingham bodies create an interesting feel on a background of simple solid base colors. Combining it with the other fabric with tightly fit animals, a soft and intricate looking bag will make a great project. A little kid’s dress will also look very lovely in this fabric.

Rabbit Cat Dog (Tightly fit patterns) P33700-701 Double Gauze

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  • P33700-701_4
  • P33700-701_5

This is another double gauze fabric. Tightly fit animals look quite amazing! A mini-sized animal design is perfect for making small items. A face mask will also look personal and unique. The animals are not paying attention to orders and are not staying straight. Enjoy looking at their free-spirited movements and expressions.