Little Pink & Brokiga

lovely characters from Sweden

We will introduce you to the lovely fabrics from the book series “Little Pink & Brokiga” which was created by Stina Wirsen a Swedish artist and illustrator. The story of the wonderland with the independent girl in pink dress “Little Pink” and her friends “Brokiga” fascinates fans in Sweden and around the world.

The Swedish word “brokiga” means multi-color and multi-appearance. Looking carefully at each character of “Brokiga” has its own face, color and clothes. It is with Wirsen’s wish that “Every person is different. Why not respect each other’s individuality to get along with everyone?”

A product planner from KOKKA says, “Initially I thought it would be perfect for children’s apparel with its watercolor-style and gentle atmosphere in the illustration of Brokiga.” The prints of tint-colored small patterns are used for the soft double gauze, while the others with sharp and middle-sized patterns are used for fleecy fabric which is great for outer clothing. Since there is a variety of colors, you may feel tempted to create many items with this cute fabric collection.

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Little Pink JG 40110-100  double gauze


  • br_100_2
  • br_100_3
  • br_100_4

The Little Pink of various postures and expressions is printed all over the fabric. There are 3 colorways but keeping the pink color of the character.

Lying around JG40100-101 double gauze


  • br_101_2

  • br_101_3
  • br_101_4

Brokiga characters are relaxed and lying. Seeing them, we will also feel relaxed.

Holding hands JG40200-200  fleecy fabric


  • br_200_2
  • br_200_3
  • br_200_4

Each Brokiga character, who has own skin-color and clothes, is holding hands with others. You and your children may play together with the diversity and the characters, like asking “What is your favorite character?”