Pop and colorful fabric loved by followers of “kawaii”(*1) items

We covered CANDY PARTY as the 2nd guest for our “visit artist” column. Marinko is one of the designers for CANDY PARTY as well as the owner of her shop CARAMEL-CRUNCH. Marinko collaborated with the shop’s creator 3no6 for their new collection that we are covering here. Marinko says, “Love loud design! Love pop and colorful items!! Love handmade stuffs!!! This collection is for lovers of gaudy and cute stuff regardless of age, sex, and race!” There are four different designs. The prints of “universe” and “vehicles” with large patterns are great for home décor projects such as curtains and bedclothes, and also work well for big bags. The other fabrics “dots x ladybugs” and “checks x ants” are great for clothing for not only kids but also adults because the photographed image prints give the fabrics more reality and less fancy.

Uchu (universe) H3043-1A  oxford


  • cara_uchu2
  • cara_uchu3

  • cara_uchu4

Outer space motifs have gotten more popular since last year. “That’s very CARAMEL-CRUNCH!” – You may say so when you see this space motifs’ fabric. “There are jellyfish, Ferris wheels, and spacewalking astronauts in our fabric. By adding items which actually don’t exist in space, we depicted a new universe.” Marinko says with a laugh.

Norimono (vehicles) H3043-2 oxford


  • cara_nori2

  • cara_nori3
  • cara_nori4

”Cool” was their design concept for this fabric, so it can be great for not only boys but also men’s apparel. She says, “I had taken and kept pictures of my favorite motorcycles and cars. We photoshopped the colors and shapes of those pictures to be used for this CARAMEL-CRUNCH-ish fabric.”

Dotto x Tentomushi (dots x ladybugs

 H3044-1A sheeting fabric


  • cara_mizu2
  • cara_mizu3
  • cara_mizu4

As opposing items to “Check x Ari” the creative team introduced a print, dots and ladybugs. “By closing up each dots, this fabric looks more sixties-style.”

 H3044-2A sheeting fabric


  • cara_check2
  • cara_check3
  • cara_check4

It was an ant that came readily to their mind when thinking of a textile for men and mothers who have young boys. “Not-too-cute textile was made, by combining a tartan pattern with ants which are always around us. This turned out more realistic and “kimo-kawaii” (*2) fabric with motifs in photographed image.” Marinko says.

(*1) Kawaii from Wikipedia
Kawaii (“lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. It has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms.

(*2) Kimo-kawaii
“kimo-kawaii” is a combination of two adjectives “kimochiwarui” (disgusting) and “kawaii” (cute). This new Japanese slang, which has two totally opposite meanings, is used among younger generations for something or someone that has disgusting taste but can look pretty in a way.