Plump Cheeks

Overflowed with fun! Cute and intelligent fabric line.

Plump Cheeks is a brand established by a handmade craft artist, June, along with a variety of creators to introduce cute fabrics. The brand consists of a cute and intelligent series of fabric and as the name indicates, its concept represents an abundant flow of knowledge, creativity and fun. Today we are introducing a fabric designed by a Japanese entertainment personality, Yu Kimura who is known for her Harajuku style fashion and is a Kawaii (Japanese concept of cute) ambassador.

Chocolate in Paris again  H3048-1 Cotton Broadcloth

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The Eiffel Tower is covered with chocolate syrup. The design is sweet yet elegant and romantic. It is a versatile fabric, perfect for casual projects such as a tote bag or a dress. It is also great for elaborate design items including Lolita style dresses or ribbon embellished headbands.

Tabris H3048-2  Cotton Broadcloth

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Angels, unicorn and cross – filled with girls favorite motifs, this fabric has a very dreamy design with a “free will angel” concept behind it. You can enjoy making small items like a mini cosmetic case or larger projects such as an apron or a dress.