Premium Double Gauze

The charm of this fabric is a new for you!

A double gauze fabric filled with richness and a nice soft texture that fits your body line is here! A woven cotton and Rexcell blend premium double gauze will add a special feel to your everyday handmade clothing.
“Double gauze is a popular fabric among hand craft enthusiasts. I often heard them saying, ‘It clings to other garments.’ or ‘It’s leathery and spreads out.’ By weaving in the Rexcell, it created smoothness and a great fit to your body. It is natural yet has a good fit. When sewing a skirt or a dress, it creates a soft and beautiful silhouette without having the hem spreading out widely.” (By Sakurai, designer)

Blanket P38300-300 Double Gauze with Rexcell P38300-300_2

“The image behind this design is a leisurely and warm atmosphere inside the house on a cold winter day. The layer of deep colors suited for fall and winter will go well with a knit or a coat. It expresses a happy moment, feeling warm wrapped in multiple layers of blanket.” (by Sakurai)

Letter  P38300-301 P38300-301_3

The design on this fabric reflects a calm yet exciting feel such as when writing a letter to someone important.