Shoulder Bag with Just One Meter of Fabric

Utilizing its pop and delightful patterns, the fabric of the Cinderella story in American comic style has become such a playful bag. The fabric will look differently as you cut it at a different angle, that is, you can get a bag with the same style but different impression depending on which part of fabric you use. A heavyweight interfacing is used to keep the shape. It may not be so easy to invert the interfaced fabric, but don’t fret, just take your time to turn it gently inside out. This casual bag is perfect for the coming summer.

□ Fabric 110cm(W) x 75cm(L)
□ Heavyweight Fusible Interfacing 50cm(W) x 75cm(L)
□ 1 Set of Magnetic Button of 1.5cm diameter

Fabric shown for this sample : nunokara Cinderella F100-1 (B)


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)