PEANUTS Yoryu fabric

Favorite Snoopy even as an adult

Kokka releases many fabrics with popular characters throughout the year, and today’s favorite features a Snoopy fabric. Snoopy has many fans including adults. The fabric’s material and patterns are selected with the theme of “refreshing coolness” for the coming hot summer. The material is “Yoryu” which is a crepe fabric. Its characteristic crinkly surface has less contact on your skin and keeps you from feeling damp. There is no clammy feel, and it is an excellent fabric with sweat-absorbent and quick-drying features.

Snoopy G3621-1


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The border print with exotic atmosphere comes out on the cool “Yoryu”. The fabric has become adult-like, including silhouetted Snoopy. It must be fun to make not only kid’s clothes but also daddy & mommy’s matching loungewear.

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