ueda college collection x KOKKA

collaborative project with Ueda College of Fashion

Students of Ueda College of Fashion in Japan who frequent fabric stores are all experts at textiles. KOKKA has created fabrics in collaboration with those young people under the theme of “Things and patterns that I want”. This time we introduce three collections; “unisex style”, “Study Zoo” to be enjoyed by curious kids and parents, and “Charlotte” which is pretty and playful for women who love cute stuff. Two fabrics per collection, a total 6 fabrics, are now ready. Each fabric is filled with fun designs. Make your own things from these fabrics with your creative imagination.

ICHIGO TO ARI(strawberries and ants) unisex style H1620-20 cotton/linen canvas


  • ueda_ichi2
  • ueda_ichi3
  • ueda_ichi4

This is a cotton/linen canvas, which is a medium-weight fabric. Black-and-white strawberries drawings with ants marching toward selected colored strawberries. The thick fabric is perfect for bags. If this fabric is used as a lining, even a simple designed bag will look classy. A bag with the lining should be fine for men to carry out, too.

nekutaiuni(ties) sex style H1630-30 sheeting fabric


  • ueda_neck2
  • ueda_neck3
  • ueda_neck4

The light-weight sheeting fabric works well for clothing. When used in conjunction with lining or interfacing, you can also make a beautiful bag or a pouch from the matching clothes. The tie pattern, used as the motif for this fabric usually generates a mannish image for. However, the pastel-colored patterns appeal to ladies, too. The fabric is suggesting a new fashion style that incorporates a masculine motif for women.

machigai-sagashi (spot the difference)Study Zoo H1610-10 oxford


  • ueda_machi2

Just like the name implies, there are a few different motifs in this fabric. You can play a game with your children by finding different items in the pattern or learning the English name of each item.. It is a great fabric for aprons clothes and bags. In addition, you are able to create “lesson bags.” In Japan your child may use this bag for his/her afterschool lessons.

asa, hiru, yoru ( morning noon and the night)  Study Zoo H1610-11 oxford


  • ueda_asa2
  • ueda_asa3

Morning, noon, and night are depicted by using different colors in the fabric. The wide vertical stripes may make a strong impression on you. If you create a skirt or a pair of pants, its playful patterns will stand out.

mille-feuille box Charlotte H1600-1 w-gauze


  • ueda_mil2
  • ueda_mil3

This is a French pastry “mille-feille” is made by Charlotte who loves cute stuff. The pastry design looks yummy, doesn’t it? The soft double-gauze fabric is perfect for a pair of pajamas. A teddy bear from the matching pajamas is cute, too. You can also make a soft bag with a heavyweight fusible interfacing

 happy wedding Charlotte H1600-2 w-gauze


  • ueda_happy2

The soft tint color is unique to this fabric. There are cats in some frames along the border of the fabric. Don’t you think it will look so lovely if framed cats’ patterns are put on the hemline of a skirt or a dress? The dress will be way cuter by adding ruffles. . This refreshingly cool fabric is a great fabric for the coming season.