Inspiration 49
A shirred scarf

To turn a common item into a striking article with a bit of ingenuity is one of the real pleasures in making crafts. Shuhunomisin, who is a very popular blogger in handmade category in Japan, frequently presents her sewing projects with original ideas via her blog. Today’s feature is a frilly scarf which is one of her unique creations. The scarf is perfect for spring season in both appearance and usability. Here are pictures of it taken from various angles as Shuhunomisin posted on her blog.

This is made with a 58x190cm scarf sold for only 315 yen that is approximate US$3. The secret of the shirring on the scarf is a clear elastic tape, shown in the picture on the bottom-right.

“I always had trouble wearing a scarf. Even though I put it on as a fashion book’s instruction, the scarf slipped off after a while. I had wondered if there was anything to solve it. When I found a clear elastic tape, the idea leaped in my mind to sew it on the scarf. The result was excellent! The tape gave the scarf shirred so beautifully. I was excited for myself!” Shuhunomisin says.

It is pretty easy to make it.Set the tape laterally on the center with 16cm margin left on both sides, and sew it on while keeping it stretched. In the same way, the 2nd and 3rd tapes should be sewn parallel to the 1st tape.

Just 3 shirring lines make your scarf fluffy.

A collar can be instantly made.

“I had unsuccessfully worn scarves until I created this shirred and ruffled one. Now I have a fashionable scarf that is easy to put on. This is my favorite!” (by Shuhunomisin)

She recently gave a shirred scarf to her mother who is in her 70s. Shuhunomisin continues, “My mom is so happy with it which makes her look more elegant. No need to look in the mirror when putting it on. I am sure that this scarf must be great for anyone regardless of age.”

With shirring, a regular scarf can be turned into a lovely fashion item. “When you feel like something is missing around your neck, please try this scarf. It will make you more stylish than you are just wearing jewelry. It will help you a lot. I guarantee!” (by Shuhunomisin)
Cover your shoulders when it’s cold.

Wear it at a party.

Shirring creates beautiful back view.

Her blog will surely inspire you a lot. Please go to for more detail about this scarf and her other creations.