Irome – Spring and Summer

World of Japanese colors express four seasons

A new small print fabric that is perfect for patchwork quilts has been added to Kokka Fabric! Irome was inspired by the nature and colors of plants during each of Japan’s distinct four seasons. A very unique “world of Japanese color” that was cultivated since olden days is expressed on the fabric. The Japanese traditional patterns, and designs from the 1960s and 1970s, combined with a modern design twist, together create this distinct and nostalgic print.

Irome  HFG-101 HFG_101 HFG_101_1

This is a patchwork quilt using Irome fabric for all four seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall.

Spring  HFG-101 1a−6a HFG_101_1a_1

  • HFG_101_1a_2
  • HFG_101_1a_3
  • HFG_101_1a_4

In Japan, spring is the start of a new year. A joyful new beginning starts in schools and companies. Spring is expressed through such flowers as plum, peach and cherry blossom. The pink color of cherry blossoms, the beautiful yellow of rape flowers and the greens from sprouting buds, are all represented in the fabric.

Summer  HFG-101 1a−6a HFG_101_1b_1

  • HFG_101_1b_2
  • HFG_101_1b_3
  • HFG_101_1b_4

Fresh leaves, a cloudless blue sky, the color of the ocean…a refreshing image of summer is expressed with a use of crisp, cool colors. Deep green of the new leaves and navy blue of the abyss are beautifully expressed in contrasting clear tones.