For Lovers of Pop and Colorful

CARAMEL-CRUNCH★Fabric is a collaboration project with Marinko, store manager of CARAMEL-CRUNCH★ and popular creators of CARAMEL-CRUNCH★. CARAMEL-CRUNCH★ is a store known for handmade clothing, knickknacks and accessories. This is a fabric for every race, gender and generation who love eye-catching and lovely items.

[Mushrooms Walking]  CARAMEL-CRUNCH  H3140-1 Oxford (Ox)

[Mushrooms Walking] is characterized by a photographic image of large mushrooms. Besides using it as an interior décor fabric for throw pillows and curtains, you can create a cotton-stuffed mascot for a baby by cutting out a mushroom motif.

[Lion x Balloon] Kiteretsukinoko x CARAMEL-CRUNCH H3140-2 Oxford (Ox)

[Lion x Balloon] is another fabric that features a large motif of the titled design. A lion cutout motif is good for a coin purse or for a baby’s bib. Of course it is a perfect fabric for interior décor items.

[Owl×Flower] Kiteretsukinoko X Caramel Crunch H3150-1 Broadcloth

This fabric with retro motifs and soft colors really reflects the style of Kiretsukinoko. Somewhat nostalgic, it is a textile with a warm feel. A child’s skirt or small items will look great in this fabric.

[Lion×Plaid] Kiteretsukinoko X Caramel Crunch H3150-2 Broadcloth

[Lion x Plaid] is a panel type textile with Kiteretsukinoko’s hand drawn lion motifs scattered all around the fabric. When you closely look at it, you can enjoy various expressions of the lions. The small-size illustration makes it perfect for creating small items. This fabric is also great for making textile wrapped buttons.