Dalarna Horse&Décor du ruban

Dalarna Horse&Décor du ruban

Perfect for gift wrapping!

This time we are introducing two fabric designs – horse and ribbon. For the horse fabric, the Swedish traditional folk art, the Dalarna Horse is used as a design motif.

Décor du ruban is a series that uses a classic and timeless motif “ribbon” for its design theme with different materials and patterns. Using a girl’s favorite design motif, ribbon, Décor du ruban is perfect for making cute zakka (everyday miscellaneous) items. You can be creative by making a hair accessory with a ribbon design fabric or combining it with lots of frills….. It’s a fabric for your super lovely goods making.

Dalarna Horse P26500-501 Cotton Broadcloth

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  • 502_3
  • 502_4

The design motif is Dalarna Horse in vibrant and beautiful colors. Intentionally using a large design, it is designed with Northern Europe in mind. The fabric is a thin cotton broadcloth that is easy to sew. As an interior décor accent, you can enjoy making a cushion cover. By utilizing the vivid color horses, a convenient small tote for a quick outing is also a great choice for a project.

Ruban Waterdrop P26000-600 Double Gauze

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  • 600_4

The ribbons are spread all over the sea of polka dots background. A soft texture double gauze is a perfect fit for clothing.

Petit ruban P25900-900 Oxford (OX)

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  • 900_3
  • 900_4

Tiny ribbons are tightly lined in this colorful design fabric. The oxford fabric is a perfect choice for clothing as well as for bags.

Treillage le ruban P25700-700 Cotton Broadcloth

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  • 700_4

A grid-like ribbon design is unique that it also creates a plaid look. This cotton broadcloth fabric may be used as a lining for a bag. A little peek inside will add cuteness to the bag.