Geometric motifs in refreshing color tones

JUBILEE is a brand by designer Yasunobu Shimizudani. The brand concept is “Creating an item that is derived from a print design.” Shimizudani comments, “This collection uses a #60 cotton lawn, a fabric that is commonly used for shirts. It is also suited for making garments such as dresses. Refreshing color tones are perfect for the upcoming season and you can enjoy making bags, small items and pillow cases as interior design accents. It is a very versatile textile.”


angelfish JG-44000-1 #60 Cotton Lawn

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“The design motif is a tropical fish, specifically an angel fish. The orderly aligned geometric motifs make a sharp impression.” (by Shimizudani)

dripping JG-44000-2 #60 Cotton Lawn

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“What I wanted to express on this fabric is the eventuality and extemporaneity that is generated from a painting technique called dripping. In this artistic technique, the artist’s paint is dripped to create the painting.” (by Shimizudani) Utilizing the two groups of repeated colors, you can instantly make a dress with wide borders. For a bag, you may play with different colors for the handle and body. One style can create a versatile design.

mosaic JG-44000-3 #60 Cotton Lawn

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“It is a mosaic design fabric that looks like stained glass with a beautiful layer of shapes and vibrant yet translucent colors.” (by Shimizudani)