New designs of popular characters are here!

A new collection for the PUSH PIN* × KOKKA is here! This collaborative project is developed with PUSH PIN, a manufacturer of the original general goods. The design features a variety of unique characters such as Lolo, a mischievous black cat, Kurokof, a black bear looking as if he were coming straight out of a picture book, Ryuka, a piggy and an old-man wrestler that brings a smile to your face.

“Every year, a new collection for PUSH PIN* × KOKKA is introduced. At the request of Kokka,
the artwork is redesigned and rearranged to suit the fabric using select motifs out of many PUSH PIN original characters. For Kokka’s fabric, two designs are particularly popular and we come up with new designs yearly. One is a fabric for boys called, “Hello My Friend!” and the other is the “November Books” series which is based on a wide range of stories from all over the world. Lately, you see a lot of items featuring cats, and we incorporated “Lolo, the Black Cat” for the first time in a long time. Lolo, the Black Cat was inspired by a vintage stuffed animal, and it was one of many characters that were created at the time. Since it got to be popular, we named the cat Lolo and created a story. It is a house cat living in Germany and is a little mischievous. It has been over 10 years since it was first introduced and is still being loved by many.” says Hamada, a PUSH PIN* designer.

Lolo, the Black Cat “Going for a walk”   HG2303-1  Oxford (Ox)
kokka-fabric.com H2303-1_1kokka-fabric.com H2303-1_2

The design features mischievous Lolo – such scenes as Lolo giving trouble when the owner is getting ready for a Paris vacation or Lolo wandering out into town.

November Books “The Giant Turnip” HG2304-1 Oxford (Ox)
kokka-fabric.com H2304-1_1kokka-fabric.com H2304-1_2

きIn order to create a lively look of the well-known scene of pulling out a giant turnip, new characters like animals that do not appear in the original story have been added. You may also notice some animals that are not helping….

Hello My Friend “Trains”  HG2305-1 Oxford (Ox)
kokka-fabric.com H2305-1_1kokka-fabric.com H2305-1_2

The inspiration for Trains come from the express railways running across Europe. Sitting by a big window, the travelers enjoy readying, having a cup of tea, watching the landscape and having a relaxing moment with their pet at times….
A very European, free spirited long train journey is the image behind this design.

Hello My Friend! “Soccer”  HG2306-1  Oxford (Ox)
kokka-fabric.com H2306-1_1kokka-fabric.com H2306-1_2

This design was created by a request from the Kokka’s sales team. After discussing what would make boys happy, soccer, a popular sport among them was selected as a design theme.