pokefasu × KOKKA

A fun world filled with silly jokes, graffiti and pranks!

This week we are introducing a collaborative work with pokefasu, a fun brand designed by Junichi Chiba of kiip.

“The name, pokefasu, was the result of a slip of the pen. It was meant to be “poker face.” So, we are always trying to come up with a silly product that stops you from having a poker face.” (by Chiba)
pokefasu are extremely popular with products such as embroidered broaches and stuffed animals full of characters’ unique expressions and gestures. This fabric collaboration explodes with pokefasu world, a product of Chiba’s wild imaginations! “With this fabric, I want people to be playful when sewing – using the hidden character in a conspicuous location or use it in a hidden place like inside the small case. This way it will make you feel more attached to your handmade creations. Or you could be totally spontaneous and just be fun. Just cut the fabric and see what you can do. The edges are designed with cheerful elements. So be creative and make something with it. Just like a monkfish, a fish that has nothing to waste, I want everyone to cook with the pokefasu fabric. I am just joking, but this is definitely the fabric for everyone’s fun sewing moments.”

Hunting Cats  JG・JGQ45000-1 Cotton linen canvas (JG) Quilted fabric (JGQ)
kokka-fabric.com pokefasu JG45000_1_1kokka-fabric.com pokefasu JG45000_1_2

This fabric is filled with a variety of pokefasu characters that cover the fabric entirely. It almost looks like a single piece of art with a bizarre story.
“In the pokefasu forest, possibly because of global warming, they had a rich harvest of poke fruit this year. Everybody is out to gather the harvest. Hearing the news, mean looking cats from the neighboring villages are invading our forest from the sky. (For whatever reason, bagworm-looking dogs are appearing here and there). Villagers with poor climbing skills only get to pick the ones fallen on the ground. The cats are up in the tree, grabbing as much fruit as they want. But we wonder how the cats will take their yield home. Nobody knows. With villagers on the ground, they cannot walk home….” (by Chiba)
Incorporating the fun element of a single-piece print, you may find it interesting to make an apron or use it as a fabric panel.

Cheering Bears  JG・JGQ45100-1 Broadcloth (JG) Quilted fabric (JGQ)
kokka-fabric.com pokefasu JG45100_1_1kokka-fabric.com pokefasu JG45100_1_2

The bears with pompons are scattered randomly on this fabric.
According to Chiba, “A groaning bear was trying to attack you. You didn’t like it and you felt scared. But when you handed the pompons to the bears, they became the cheering bears. Turning the situation 180 degrees, now not just one but many bears are cheering you. Now you need to keep it and live up to their expectations. Right when you are thinking of staying the course, you find the bear that is not cheering. It was easy to spot, a bad-looking bear dressed in a leather jacket.”
A solid oxford fabric is perfect for making a bag. If you carry it daily, the cheering bears will root for you.

Misjudging Cat  JG・JGQ45200-1 Broadcloth (JG) Quilted fabric (JGQ)
kokka-fabric.com pokefasu JG45200_1_1kokka-fabric.com pokefasu JG45200_1_2

Small patterns of referee cats cover the entire fabric. Chiba says, “A cat that is completely confident with its own judgment – that is the referee cat. Among many referee cats, there is one that raises a different color card. It is so confident. It never changes its decision. That is the referee cat!”
The fabric will be cute not only for small items like a pouch or a card case but also for children’s clothing. A cat that is so confident (but with wrong judgment) is adding a witty accent!