Tiny Animal

A perfect fabric for small goods – filled with tiny animal designs

Owls, hedgehogs, bulldogs…..these popular animal motifs fill this small print fabric. Etching-like illustrations make this animal-themed fabric attractive without being too cute. Perfect for making stylish cosmetic cases or pouches with a metal clasp. Even a mature woman may want to secretly keep these items made from this fabric in her purse.

Pöllö  P29700-700 Cotton/Linen Canvas 
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An owl, a bird that is said to bring happiness, is a very popular Kokka fabric motif. A solid feel cotton linen canvas is suitable for making everyday items such as small cases or lunch box (bento) carriers.

Siili P29700-701 Cotton/Linen Canvas 
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Hedgehogs and acorns line up to compose a border-like design. There is something simple about these motifs, which also reminds you of a Scandinavian wooden toy. Toned down smoky colors fit well for cute bags and small cases for adults.

Koira P29700-702 Cotton/Linen Canvas
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Bulldogs in various poses randomly cover the entire fabric. Slightly sulky looking faces are indescribably charming. Paw prints are scattered around as design accents.