A warm scenery expressed with a technique called “Chigiri-e”

The second series of Törten is here! Törten is designed by Natsuki Camino, who is a grand prize winner of the Third Annual Kokka Print Textile “inspiration” Competition.
The theme of this textile is adoring every day in a simple lifestyle where people live in harmony. The design uses a technique called “Chigiri-e”, a process where a colored paper is torn by hand and glued to create an artwork. Somewhat nostalgic, the series feature a dynamic large print as well as the ones with patterns all over. The material varies with three designs from cotton linen canvas, #10 moire, to cotton sateen. You can expand your imagination depending on the item you would like to make, for example, this design for a bag and that design for clothing.
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CINEMA JG49200-1 Cotton Linen Canvas
kokka-fabric.com Törten_JG49200-1_1kokka-fabric.com Törten_JG49200-1_2

Dry wind. Fogged glass. A lump of iron. Concrete with a beaming sun.
My favorite elements are pictured as a succession of sceneries in a horizontal direction.
Carefully crafted real-size original Chigiri-e art is transferred to the textile.

WATASHI NO NIWA JG49300-1 #10 Moire kokka-fabric.com Törten_JG49300-1_1kokka-fabric.com Törten_JG49300-1_2

Ten birds and vegetables scattered around the backyard are the design motifs for this fabric.
If hung from a tall window, it creates a flow of movement that lets your eyes look all the way around. It is designed with that characteristic.

KOMOREBI JG49400-1 Cotton Sateen
kokka-fabric.com Törten_JG49400-1_1kokka-fabric.com Törten_JG49400-1_2

It has a very refreshing pattern, as if you can hear the birds singing amidst the sunshine filtering through foliage when you look up to the sky.
Four different color variations are definitely worth noting.