A textile that uses a technique called “Chigiri-e” to express its style

It is finally here! We are introducing the textile designed by Natsuki Camino, who is a grand prize winner of the Third Kokka Print Textile Competition. The series is named törten. The theme of this textile is a culturally-oriented lifestyle where people live collectively in harmony with nature, like the Bauhaus’ collective housing, Törten Siedlung.
The characteristic of Camino’s textile is the use of a technique called “Chigiri-e.” In this process, she draws unique non-straight lines with torn pieces of colored paper collaged together to form images – like painting with paper.

North Trip JG49100-1  

The theme of this series is “travel,” where Camino wanted to create a design with trains and vehicles. “Rather than making it look like a map, I tried to challenge myself in creating endless scenes like forests and lakes. Added to the scenery are the trains and tracks.” (by Camino) In addition to making kitchen accessories, using the fabric for a wide surface like a curtain can create a piece with impact.

Apple Garden JG49000-1 Broadcloth

Countryside scenery is featured as this fabric’s design. Camino says, “An apple tree that I saw in the garden at the Bauhaus is the inspiration for this fabric. I wanted to recreate a sense of everyday life here.” This fabric is perfect for making bags as well as for children’s clothing.

Sea Map JG49000-2 Broadcloth

The fabric was designed with marine elements in mind. “Living close to the ocean, I see yachts all the time…. The lines were inspired by nautical charts.” (by Camino)