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Prologue ~ Pleasure to create “own” logo


To celebrate the start of our website, KOKKA has created custom ribbons with the URL “”. How exciting it is to make “a part of the site” into a thing, leaping out of the Internet world! This is like the first child of

Thinking about logo or trademark design….. It is such a pleasure to develop an idea for our own brand as well as craft creation. How will it be in the future? Will it attract attention? Starting something new always takes ambition and a dream for success.

Put your own logo on a new creation, and it will look much more worthy and legit. Having your own tag or ribbon, may give the impression that your handmade item is a “commercial” product.

As you can see in the picture, we were so excited about the project and made too many ribbons. With so many extra ribbons, we could wrap the ribbons around fabric scraps for sale, or perhaps we could make a ribbon bow and staple it on a paper bag?

Speaking of an original item, Chanel’s own ribbon, which was not for sale, was listed on Japan’s auction site, Yahoo! The ribbon started at 500 yen and was sold for 550 yen. The ribbon measured 1.5cm in width and 105cm in length.

Wondering if the ribbon of “” would be auctioned and sold with premium price??? Ah, this is called “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatch”.

Anyway, we dream that “” may thrive and prosper.