Candy Creek

Featuring a fun story created between a tabby and bicolor

An ever popular cat design fabric has the cutest new addition.
“Growing up together, two cats living in the imaginary town of Candy Creek City recently opened a candy shop. A business savvy tabby takes care of the buying, while a laid back bicolor is in charge of sales. On a nice day, they go around town selling a cartful of candies.” This is the idea behind the creation of this fabric.
Hoping that girls will like this, very cute and colorful tones are purposely used in the design. Why not use this fabric for new school items? It will make us really happy if feline loving adults choose this to make small items.

which came first P38700-700 Oxford (Ox) P38700-700_2

A business savvy tabby finds lots of candies scattered on the ground, so he decides to sell them. He needs to take them to his partner, the bicolor cat!
The laid back bicolor goes around day in and day out selling these candies from a cart. It is such a nice warm day…well, the candies are spilling out of the cart! The bicolor is not noticing this at all.
The savvy tabby sees lots of candies on the ground in town, so he decides to sell them. He needs to hurry to take them to his partner, the bicolor!
……Well, well, well, it is almost a chicken-and-egg situation. This design takes advantage of the fabric’s characteristic of repeating in a loop. With a charming color stripe, the border works great for a girl’s dress.

candy creek city P38700-701  Oxford (Ox) P38700-701_2

The Candy Creek City – a place with mild weather where a stream is flowing. In this city, there are many resident cats who enjoy a warm sun. Growing up together, the tabby and the bicolor came to this place from elsewhere and opened a candy shop. A new life in an unfamiliar city is such an adventure. That inspired us to develop a design reminiscent of a map. Though it looks like a map, as the design covers the entire fabric, it is easy to handle for sewing beginners. Of all the colorful choices, the most eye-catching yellow was chosen to create a lesson bag.