Donguri-mura (The Friends at the Acorn Village)

Cute stories of acorns are now introduced as a fabric!

Following the bestselling picture book series in 2014, “Kurokun the Crayon,” a second line of fabric featuring “Donguri-mura (The Friends at the Acorn Village)” (Gakken Publishing) by Miwa Nakaya is here! The new series showcase the cute stories of acorns with the underlying theme of the joy and importance of working.

Dual Side Borders   JG47100-1 Oxford (Ox)

The motifs came from “The Bakery in the Acorn Village” (Gakken Publishing). The Acorn Village’s bakery is always busy with people lined up outside, but mom & dad owners had one small worry…. This is a warm story of a family of busy working parents with innocent kids. The author of the book was particular about the color to be used, specifically a main color of saxe blue. She struggled but was able to come up with a color that is suitable all around, whether it’s for a boy, girl or for a mom.

Entire Print JG47100-2 Oxford (Ox)

The inspiration for this fabric came from “The Hat Shop in the Acorn Village” (Gakken Publishing). A trio of Acorns, Po, Chii and Kurin run a hat shop in the Acorn Village. Their store was not getting many customers, so they decided to go into town to sell their products…. This title is distinguished by many characters (acorns) appearing in the story along with numerous colorful hats. The design recreates a fun and lively feel of the Acorn Village.

Monotone JG47100-3 Oxford (Ox)

“Rather than featuring a specific title, this design showcases more mature motifs and color combinations that are appealing to the parents who are fans of Acorn Village book series.” (by Nakaya) This fabric will be perfect for creating such kitchen items as an apron or a simple drawstring bag as a matching item for a family.